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We now offer surrogacy services to our clients

Surrogacy in India has become an increasingly popular alternative for Americans and other ethnicities. Surrogacy in India is quite popular and very efficient because the laws for surrogacy in India favor the intended parents more than in any of the other countries. Also, the cost for surrogacy in India is roughly a third of what it costs in the U.S. Meanwhile, the range of treatment options available is broad and at the forefront of today’s Assisted Reproductive Technologies or ARTs applied Globally. Surrogacy in India offers a unique opportunity for discretion, which would be difficult to achieve in the U.S.

The Andrology Institute of America is an international entity that has been helping people become parents for the last 30 years. During these years its Director, Professor Zavos (a World renowned reproductive specialist) has been at the forefront of Reproductive Medicine and pioneered many techniques and methodologies that are employed today in helping infertile patients become parents. Today we are able to offer gestational surrogacy and assist intended parents with the highest care possible. We have situated all of our operations for gestational surrogacy with some of the most elite and top ranked programs in India and because of that, we are able to offer the best service and yet the best and most competitive pricing in the market.

Our objective is to make the whole process of surrogacy simple and affordable with high success rates through the most experienced doctors and with the latest technology and facilities. Our goal is to deliver an eternally rewarding experience to intended parents. You may contact us (see below).

Special Note
One of a Time Opportunity

Professor Zavos began a World-wide effort to consult with patients wishing to have a baby and overcome their reproductive difficulties. If you like to be seen by Dr. Zavos and receive his assistance and counseling, please write to us and provide us with a short personal history. The Professor is routinely scheduled to be seeing patients in Limassol, Cyprus, Muscat, Oman, Istanbul, Turkey, New Delhi, India, Athens, Greece, Beijing, China and Alba, Saudi Arabia during this year, 2013. We have a limited number of slots for those upcoming meetings and therefore, your prompt inquiry will be very advantageous. We will schedule you for any of the upcoming meetings at those locations as soon as we hear from you. We will provide you with more specifics about the location and the cost of such consultation after we hear from you. Do not miss this one of a time opportunity.

Prof. Zavos will be in Cyprus on April 25 - 28; Make your appointment now!

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"Treating Infertility is Our Passion and Our Business"

There are many different medical, social, economic or cultural circumstances which put couples under the most intense pressure to produce a child of a specific gender. Scientists have identified thousands of health problems where genes play a part and many gender-related medical disorders can be passed from parent to child.

Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) is a medical procedure which allows embryos to be tested for gender-related genetic conditions, prior to being placed in the womb, giving the best opportunity to select the healthiest embryos and simultaneously choose the gender of your baby.

The International Institute for Gender Selection, along with all its partners at the Andrology Institute of America and Home Fertility Network, is the foremost PGD Gender Selection and Oocyte Donation referral center in the World. Professor Dr. Zavos is one of the pioneering and world-renowned infertility experts offering PGD services for family balancing along with all other forms of Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART). Dr. Zavos maintains the appropriate centers in the U.S. and now in the Middle East, where he refers all of his patients for their treatment.


The Nobel Assembly at Karolinska Institute awards

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2008 to Luc Montagnier for his discovery of the HIV virus

Professor Zavos would like to congratulate his friend, Professor Luc Montagnier on receiving the 2008 Nobel Peace Prize for his discovery of the HIV virus.

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2010 to Robert G. Edwards for the development of in vitro fertilization

Professor Edwards and Professor Zavos
Professor Zavos wants to congratulate his friend and colleague Robert Edwards for receiving the Nobel Prize in Medicine 2010. "Robert Edwards you are so deserving of the recognition and you made all of us so proud!"

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2012 to Sir John B. Gurdon for his research in Stem Cells and Cloning

Professor Zavos would like to congratulate his friend, Sir John B. Gurdon on receiving the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize for his research in Stem Cells and Cloning.


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